If you manage a business page on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll keep being encouraged to advertise on these channels. Whether through boosting a post or placing an advert. It’s made easy for you to spend money, but what do you have to do to ensure success at running adverts?

Here are my 8 top tips of things you should consider before you start advertising with Facebook ads.

1) Budget

Have you thought about how much you’d like to spend on Facebook advertising or indeed how what you’d like to get out of advertising?

It will come as no surprise that spending £50 a month is unlikely to reap you many leads or sales.

Depending on which type of advert you are looking to run will vary your costs. For example a conversion advert is the most expensive ad campaign you can run. Whereas if you are looking for people to start to follow your Facebook or Instagram page won’t cost so much money.

In May 2021 leads were costing between 93p and £5.23. With the average lead at £3.08, you’d be getting circa 325 leads on a £1000 spend. Please note these figures change per objective, campaign and month.

For my clients, I advise an ideal spend would be a minimum of £600 per month. £600 would allow me to test two audiences with multiple adverts and retarget. A budget greater than £600 would allow testing of more audiences or a greater audience reach.

If you have a lower budget, advertising will not be out of reach – but it may take a little longer to achieve decent results depending on what objective you are looking to achieve.

2) Website

Where are you sending the clickers on your advert to? If it’s to your website, does it run fast or slow? Is it mobile friendly? If you are an e-comm business is it easy for a buyer to buy your products or not?

Mapping the process that a prospective buyer needs to follow is an important step for you to take. If there are too many pages to click through, if it’s painfully slow or you have them jump through hoops, prospects will click off and you won’t make the sale. Even if your ad is amazing and you are getting 1000’s of click throughs.

3) Facebook page verified

As a business owner looking to run adverts, you need to verify your Facebook page. It’s easily done, click here for instructions on how to verify your Facebook page.

4) Pixel in place

Have you set your Facebook pixel up yet? If not then now is the time to do this. Having a working pixel in place will allow FB to start tracking the sort of people that are visiting and contacting you or buying via your website. You can then use this information to start to look for people similar to those who are already your customer.

Click here to read how to set up your Facebook pixel.

5) CAPI set up

Once you’ve set up your Facebook pixel you need to set up conversions API. Here is a guide on how to set it up.

6) Audiences

Setting up a Facebook audience is your way of telling Facebook who you’d like to target with your advert. This is where knowing who your ideal customer is comes in handy. Since the arrival of IOS.14 in May 2021 it seems as though Facebook is favouring larger and broader audiences. That said you try to sell to everyone and you’ll end up selling to no one.

So think about whether your ideal customer or lead is male, female or both. What age are they and where do they live. You can then do further segmentation by thinking about what other companies they may be interested in, their highest level of education, their relationship status and whether or not they have children.

If i’m helping with your advertising then this is something I go into in depth.

7) Message and Graphics

Putting together the words for your advert and obtaining graphics, whether that be still image, video or carousel need to be considered carefully. After all, these are the hooks that your ideal client will be seeing in their feed and leading them to the decision on whether to click or not.

One of the things I do see a lot when advising people about their advertising is that when they set up a campaign they only use one graphic in their advert. My advice is to start with multiple, after all what appeals to one of your ideal client may not appeal to another and vice versa. It’s only through testing these that you will see what appeals and what doesn’t.

8) Time

Facebook ads are not a quick fix to set up or to achieve results. Depending on what type of campaign you are looking to run, the set-up can take 3-4 weeks from scratch.

Results from adverts are usually not instanteous. If running a lead magnet campaign you will probably see results a lot quicker. If an e-comm campaign they tend to take a little more time to pick up the pace.

9) Call an expert

You are the expert in running your business and I am an expert in running Facebook advertising. If you are looking to advertise and would like me to check all of the above (and more), then please get in touch.