Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with a new client. I thought you might be interested to read what the process is when you join me as a client, plus the successes we are achieving.

The client

My new client is a social media manager who was looking for help to increase her mailing list.

The ads set up

Before I could get started, I had to ensure that my client’s Ads Manager was set up correctly. This can be a fiddly and trying job. Having to be careful not to set anything up where I’ll become the owner. In this case, it was easier for me to access the client’s personal account. Then I could link all the Business Manager and Ad Manager jigsaw pieces together and add myself to Ads Manager. It saved a lot of brain space and precious time for both of us.

The campaign

Once the tech was set up, it was time to look at the campaign.

Decisions were made based on the hundred or so lead magnet campaigns I have run in the past. The experience I have gathered over the years of running ad campaigns on social media is invaluable in offering sound advice to my clients.

I worked on forms, text, headlines and audiences. Whilst my client created a Reels video and graphics that matched her branding.

We looked at using Zapier to send the leads straight to her mailing system. It’s a paid service and at the moment we decided to do the transfer manually. Once ad spending increases we will revisit paying for Zap to make the process seamless.

First-week results

Once everything was in place the ads took about 23 hours for Facebook to authorise. The campaign was running to 2 audiences with 3 graphics and 1 video. It soon became apparent that one of the audiences wasn’t working as well as we’d have liked it to. The placements for that audience were changed and that has made the world of difference.

Today is day 7 of the campaign and are getting leads from £1.43, with an average lead cost of £2.69.

Looking for an Ads specialist for your campaign?

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