If you are anything like me, you are a member of several social networking groups pertaining to your industry. A great place to ask questions, network and offer advice to others working in a similar sphere to your own.

The groups I am in are a mixture of free and paid. I was shocked to join a new group this Christmas where fellow “ad managers” were asking the most basic of questions regarding campaigns for their clients.

So this got me thinking. These “ad managers” have got something right, they’ve managed to attract a client or two. Possibly via the sites where you decide by the amount you wish to pay rather than the experience. My main concern, from the questions being asked, was that they have either never set up a campaign before. Some were even showing incompetence in doing the research required to find the audiences for their clients.

Whilst everyone has to start somewhere. The volume of people asking basic questions compelled me to offer a couple of questions which may help you pick a competent ads manager.

Have you set up, run and managed a Facebook Ads campaign before?

If yes, ask when that was as the platform changes frequently.

Was that for lead generation, sales or something else?

How have they gained their experience? Are they comfortable with running different types of campaigns? or have they always focussed only on one objective? and is that the objective you need?

What daily budgets are they used to?

Can they scale up or down depending on your budget?

Whilst not an interview, chatting with your prospective Ads Manager is key. It’s a way for both parties to ensure they click and both are clear on what running ads can achieve.

An Ads Manager who is running ads for other clients will be able to offer you a benchmark of current costs. These vary from campaign to campaign and industry to industry – they will NOT be able to promise you exact figures.

So the question now is are you ready to run ads? Click here to read the checklist I chat through with my prospects.

If you’d like to talk with me about the services I offer then get in touch.