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How much should I invest in social media advertising?

This is a great question and one where the answer can change from month to month. 

Depending on what you are looking to achieve as an outcome with your ad’s, will vary the cost that you are likely to pay for a sale or a lead. 

For example during April / May 2021 I was running 2 similar campaigns.

Both clients were looking for their target audience to sign up to receive a lead magnet / sign up for a free 5 day challenge.

The client would then nurture these leads in order to upsell them to sign up for a paid course / join the membership.  

The cost per lead on the campaigns varied from €1.08 per lead (approx 93p) to £5.23.

Whilst these figures are quite different, over the past few months cost per lead tend to be circa £4.50. This price will vary and increase at busy advertising times such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

So if we assume that each lead will cost £4.50 if you invest £1000 in advertising, you are likely to achieve 222 leads. 


Can you guarantee the results I'll achieve from spending money on social media advertising?

I am afraid there are no guarantees as to what results you can achieve from advertising on social media. However advertising on social media is fully trackable so that it’s easy to see if people are reacting to the advert and taking the action we are asking of them.

For example if we were directing people to a sales or landing page to sign up and achieving success at getting click throughs, but then not many people were taking the desired action (purchase or sign up) we would be looking at the landing page to see whether there was an issue with site load speed, is it was difficult for people to do what is being asked of them or maybe a payment gateway is preventing people from checking out. 

Compared to advertising on radio or in print media, social media advertising is focussed and actions are able to be reported on. 

What other services do you offer?

My main focus is looking after my clients with their Facebook and Instagram advertising. This wasn’t always the case and since 2010 I have helped my clients with other social media tasks and more general marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is akin to the Yellow Pages of yesteryear. If you aren’t on it and regularly adding posts, people think you are no longer in business.

With 71% of UK adults having a Facebook account and 42% of UK adults on Instagram – social media is a place your business needs to be seen.

Whether you are looking for help in setting up, advice on how best to run your page or you’d like to hand over the running of your channels, I am here to help.

Since 2010 I have helped small and medium business owners with their Social Media Marketing. In most cases this was managing accounts, creating content and interaction on an organic level.

Let’s chat to see which of the following Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google My Business or YouTube would be right for your company.

Social Media Management packages start from £300 per month per channel.

If you would like me to audit your current social media channels where I can offer advice on best practice this is available for £99 per channel.

Please get in touch for a free consultation.

General Marketing SOS

If it’s all getting too much and you don’t know which way to turn with your marketing, then let me help and advise.

I can work to help guide you through the marketing fog. Starting with an audit, we can see what you are doing at the moment. Then put into place an achievable road map to make where your marketing process and decisions nice and clear.

Once the plan is in place you may wish me to assist you to continue your journey or continue yourself.

Price is dependent on the services required.

Please get in touch for a free consultation.


You may already have a website in place or you may be considering a new site. Whatever the case is for you, I can help with the build, project management of the build or the maintenance and SEO help of a new or existing website.

Build a new WordPress website

If you are looking for a simple WordPress website then I can help. From guiding you through the process of hosting and obtaining your domain name through to building either a simple one page or a more in-depth 5-page website. 

Once the template is created either you can provide me with the text and images that you wish to use. Alternatively, you can use my project management service (see below) so that I write your content for you.

Price for a 1-page site from £399

Price for a 5-page site from £599

Project management of a website build

Regardless of who has built your website, you now need to fill in the gaps with your content and your images.

Do you have the time to do this or are you trying to do this in the evening after a long day at work?

I can help by working through with you what message and what tone you are wanting to achieve on your pages. I can put the pages together and then we can work to tweak them so that you are happy to set your page live.

Price from £150 per page.

SEO on existing WordPress website

Do you have your WordPress website up and running? Do you look at your analytics and think they could be better? (or do you not have Google Analytics set up to check?)

Then let me help. I can review your site, suggest changes and as long as you are happy carry out the work that needs doing to help improve your visibility and ranking on Google searches.

Price from £200 per page.

Please get in touch for a free consultation.

E-mail marketing

How do you communicate with your prospects and customers? If you aren’t using E-mail marketing then you may be missing a trick.

If this is something you haven’t done before you may need help in setting up your database, creating campaigns and making sure you are covered by GDPR.

If you are currently running campaigns and would like a fresh pair of eyes, I can carry out a health check and offer advice or take over the running of campaigns on your behalf.

E-mail campaign set up from £150.

E-mail campaigns from £150.

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Are you registered with the ICO?

Yes I am. 

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