If you have found my website you are probably either running Facebook ads and need a helping hand or you haven’t yet started running ads and are looking for some help.

I currently work with a mixture of business types who are using adverts to reach their ideal client.

If you are an e-comm business then we will be using adverts to sell your products.

If you are a business that offers a service, or a more considered purchase then we will be using adverts to gather leads for you to follow through on.

There are other calls to action that may be more relevant for your company and I will discover this during my discovery process.

Fully managed Facebook/ Instagram ads service

If you have little time or inclination or feel as though you aren’t confident in running Facebook adverts yourself, but know that would like to, then this is the option for you.

After we have chatted, I will draw up a proposal. Once accepted I will send you a detailed questionnaire. This asks in-depth questions that will help me to learn all I need to know about your business, your goals and your ideal customer to start to run successful adverts.

This service is ideal for businesses who want to hand everything over and wish Facebook ads to be a permanent or long-term fixture of their marketing mix.

How much will this cost me and how much should I be spending on adverts?

To allow thorough testing of your adverts I would advise you to spend at least £20 per day per ad set. Ideally, I’d like to run 2 ad sets and a retargeting campaign at the same time. So as a minimum you will need to be able to spend £600 a month for a minimum of 3 months on your advert campaign. On top of that will be my monthly fee.

Social Ads Set Up

If you are looking to run a short term ads campaign then I can help by setting up your advert and keep my eye on it for the duration of the campaign. The difference between this service and fully managed ads is depending on the length of the campaign, I won’t be tweaking as much to ensure long term results.

This is perfect for businesses that want to run a 1,2,3 week campaign and then turn it off until the next campaign is needed.

How much will this cost me and how much should I be spending on adverts?

The likelihood with this campaign is that you will say to me I wish to spend X and I will then create your ad sets to reach your objective. As above my fee will be on top of your Facebook ad spend and will be a one-off set-up fee based on your ad spend for the campaign. Minimum of £500 per campaign.

Social Ads Review

If you are about to start a campaign or have one running already and would like a second pair of eyes to review and offer feedback and tweaks then this service is for you.

Book a 40 minute session with me, share your screen and we can walk through your campaign.

Find out more here.

Let’s work together

If you would like to chat further about working together on either a fully managed or short campaign Facebook ads service then please fill in my contact form and we can arrange a time to talk it through.