One of my clients keeps asking me to share the graphic of her stats with the world as she (and I) are really happy with the return on ad spend she is achieving with the sales ads I am running for her e-commerce store on Facebook and Instagram.

This screenshot was taken on September 4th 2023 and shows ROAS for the previous 7 days. (How much she has taken in sales for each £1 spent on ads)

Whilst this is a really positive figure and we’ve been achieving similar stats for a few months, it has taken time to achieve. She has let me test and trial and tinker and is now reaping the benefits. What also helps is that her website is easy to understand and simple to buy from. We also have a clear understanding of who her ideal customer is.

If you want to make more sales or get more leads, it’s not as simple as throwing money at advertising. What I offer is part of the great marketing puzzle. As a third party to your business, sometimes my clear eyes can help you to achieve the clarity needed to achieve great ROAS or leads.

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