If you haven’t yet noticed, Facebook is introducing a lot of new layers for business owners to get their heads around.

The days of managing your business account linked to your personal account are starting to fade away. It seems as though Facebook would like business page owners to use their Business Manager. Through your BM account, you can add an advertising account. Add or remove people who can look after your page. Organise Facebook pixels that link with your website and more.

Another change that Facebook would like to see is for businesses to verify their domain

  • Go to the Business settings tab in Business Manager
  • Scroll down to brand safety
  • Then click domains
  • Click add a new domain
  • Add your website
  • Refresh the page
  • FB will offer you 3 options to verify your domain. This involves adding code to your website
  • Once you’ve added the code, tap the verify button
  • Congratulations, your domain has been verified
  • Now you can assign pages to your verified domain
  • You can also share the verified domain with your business partners

Here is a really great video showing how to verify your domain.

If you are needing to set up Conversions API then click here for a simple to follow guide.

If you are only operating your business through social media, I would also recommend that you set up a website.

What would happen if your Facebook or Instagram account was closed down? This happens more often than people realise and not always due to the page owner doing something wrong. In most cases, those business owners/people/personalities had nothing to fall back upon. When you have built a website you can carry on with whatever you were using social media to do. You may be selling products, promoting services or promoting yourself. You never know, you may even find new customers and followers who aren’t active on social media.

If you aren’t confident in Facebook advertising or feel that your time would be better spent in your core business, then why not let me help?

I offer a setup package for Facebook adverts as well as my ongoing advertising package. Please get in touch so that we can discover what is right for you and your business.