It’s always handy to know when someone has commented, liked or shared one of your posts on social media. It’s even more important when it comes to managing your business page. So how do you ensure that you know when someone comments or takes an action on your Facebook page?

How do I get to choose my notifications?

To see how your notifications are currently set up, log into your personal profile and visit the top right of the page.

The image below is what this area of your account will look like.

  • Click on the far right, downward arrow button,
  • Select settings & privacy,
  • Choose settings which has a cog icon
  • Then notifications.

You will now be in the general profile settings for your personal account.

On the left-hand side of general settings, you will see the notification tab which has an icon of a bell next to it.

Click through and below is what you will see.

I have pushed the arrow e-mail so that you can get an idea of what is inside each of the sections.

There are 16 areas in which you can decide whether you would like to receive notifications.

Depending on which of the tabs, you have a choice how the notifications arrive. You can choose push to your Facebook page, SMS message to your phone or via e-mail.

How to control Facebook notifications on a business page

If you are running a business or managing pages on behalf of a business. There is a special tab on the above menu for you.

When you click the down arrow (far left) you will see a full list of the business accounts you have access to. Here you will be told if your notifications are on or off. Click on the name of each business page and you will see this –

You are offered a lot of choices to toggle notifications on or off depending on how much information you need to see.

You can also request that notifications are only sent once a day. This would be less distracting on a busy page. However, if it’s your job to respond in a timely manner then you should ensure you ask for a notification every time.

For all other notifications, it will depend on your role within the business and how busy your Facebook page is.

If you would like further help with your Facebook page, then why not book and join me for a 1-1 Power hour?